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Latest Picture From Khed

Schools in Khed

  • M.I.Hajwani English Medium School.                                 ( AL-Madeena Wefare Association)
  • Bazm-e-Imdadiya's M.I.B Girl’s' High School.
  • Haji S.M Mukadam High School & Jr. College.
  • Lions Tiny Tots English Medium School.
  • Chandulal Sheth High School.
  • Al-Madina English Medium High School.
  • L.P. English School.
  • Dnyandeep Vidyamandir.
  • Rotary English Medium School.
  • R. G. Kate School.
  • Chhatrapati Sambhaji Raje Sainik School.
  • Navbharat high School

Colleges in Khed

  • Dnyandeep College.
  • ICS college Khed Arts, Commerce & Science. 
  • VIT MBA College.
  • Gharda Engineering College.
  • Yogita Dental Medical College & Hospital.
  • Padmashri behere college lavel
  • T.B.K. College, Bharne



  • Village          Khed
  • Taluka          Khed
  • District         Ratnagiri 
  • State            Maharashtra 
  • Country        India
  • Population    13,812 
  • Pin Code       415 709
  • Coordinates  17.72°N 73.38°E
  • Population    13,812 (2001)
  • Literacy        80%%
  • Male             83%%
  • Female         77%%
  • Time zone     IST (UTC+5:30)

Khed is an industrial city with a municipal council in Ratnagiri district in the state of Maharashtra, India. It is surrounded by a number of villages, including Aashtee - Aastan - Ainvare - Alsure - Ambadas - Ambavali - Ambaye - Anjani - Asgani - Avashi - Bahiravali - Bhadgaon - Bharane - Bhelsai - Bhilare Aini - Bhoste - Bijghar - Boraj - Borghar - Chakale - Chinchaghar - Chinchavali - Chirani - Choravane - Chougule Mohalla - Dabhil - Dayal - Devghar - Dhamandevi - Dhamani - Dhamnand - Divankhavatee - Furus - Ghanekhunt - Gherapalgad - Gherarasalgad - Gunade - Hedali - Hodkhad - Humbari - Jaitapur - Jamage - Kadavali - Kalambani Bk. - Kalambani Kh. - Karjee - Kartel - Kasai - Kashedi - Kavale - Kelane - Khavatee - Khopee - Kinjale Tarfe Natu - Kondivali - Koregaon - Kotavali - Kudoshi - Kulvandi - Kumbhad - Kurval Javali - Lavel - Lote - Mandave - Mani - Mete - Mirle - Mohane - Morvande - Mumbake - Murade - Musad - Nandgaon - Nandivali - Natunagar - Nilik - Panhalaje - Posare Bk. - Poyanar - Rajvel - Sakhar - Sakhroli - Sangalat - Sapirli - Satvingaon - Savanas - Savanas Kh. - Savanas Mulgaon - Saveni - Sheldi - Sheraval - Shingari - Shiravali - Shirgaon - Shirshi - Shiv - Shiv Bk. - Shivatar - Songaon - Sukadar - Sukivali - Suseri - Talavatkhed - Talavatpal - Tale - Talghar - Tisangi - Tise - Tulashi Kh. - Tumbad - Udhale Bk. - Vadgaon Bk. - Varavali - Veral - Wave Tarf Khed - Wave Tarf Natu. Khed is a taluka that connects Ratnagiri district and Raigad district. 

Alphonso mangos are grown in the area around the city.

Industry Several factories involved in the production of chemicals and pharmaceuticals are located in Khed. Furthermore, the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) has developed the Lote-Parshuram Industrial Area in Khed.  

Khed lies on the national Highway NH-17 popularly known as Mumbai Goa Highway. Khed has a railway station on Kokan Railway line. It has also Maharashtra State Transport Bus Station which connects every part of Khed Taluka and major cities in Maharashtra.  


Khed is located at 17.72°N 73.38°E[1]. It has an average elevation of 25 metres (82 feet). 

If you wish to enjoy nature and want to have urban facilities as well, KHED is the place for you. You can find good hotels to stay and great sites of konkan around.

Konkan is very beautiful area having large forests. Natural beauty of Konkan is inviting the tourist.


Marathi and  Kokani is the primary language spoken in the city. People of Islamic and Hindu faiths, as well as peoples such as the Dashanema Gujrathis and Marwaris, who have origins in other Indian states, live together harmoniously. Several festivals of all religions are celebrated peacefully.
Shimaga (Holi) is most awaited and Konkan's most favorite festival.It is celebrated with pomp and enthusiasm all over in Khed.  Konkan which is famous for gavri Ganpati festival which is celebrated with boom. Eid is also celebrated by the Muslim population. Khed railway station is main railway station for three talukas Dapoli,Mandangad,and khed taluka,if anone wanted to go by rail to any part of India they have to go via khed station through sakhroli village where two highways are connected sakhroli village is village of PARKARS who are Khots of the entire region,URUS is main festival of sakhroli, Furus village and Veral gaon.

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